International Women’s Day 2020

What is IWD 2020?

P@SHA dedicates the entire month of March to the exemplary women of Pakistan who are making Pakistan a better place for not just them, but for all.

During this month, we shared the stories of career growth & journey of the amazing women who, despite so many barriers, are making their mark in the Pakistani IT landscape.

Here’s to the ladies who run the world.

A significant percentage of women fall out of workforce because they don't find the environment supporting them to feel safe, respected and recognized. Female inclusion and leadership in the organizations will certainly ensure high productivity, retention and promotions. This must remain our priority in order to break the vicious cycle of discrimination.

Jehan Ara

President - P@SHA

Becoming truly inclusive is important because that's the only way to create financial independance for women, minorities, trans and differently-abled folks. It is absolutely necessary to give them the ability to make and spend their own money and earn a dignified living so that they don't stay trapped in situations which start from financial abuse and later turn into physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Faiza Yousuf

Cofounder - Codegirls

Innovation has always had a knack for coming from the most unexpected places. When society creates space for diverse voices to work together, it fuels real revolution. Inclusion and power sharing are the most capable tools for anyone who wants to create an equitable and successful business.

Shamim Rajani

COO, Genetech Solutions

Women’s economic inclusion and empowerment should be a social and a business priority. Businesses need to recognise the critical role of women in their operations, in the value chain and the benefits economic inclusion and empowerment bring overall. They need to understand that organisations flourish when women are given a level playing field. Increased diversity, in terms of more women in management and executive roles, creates a more collaborative, supportive working environment that promotes innovation.

Naseer Akhtar

President & CEO, InfoTech (Pvt.) Ltd, CEC Member, P@SHA

In Pakistan, we are witnessing a surge in amazing women leaders in tech companies across Pakistan. Women are 36% of our team at Knowledge Platform. Women have more than half of the leadership roles in our company. They are changing the way we do things with their leadership, flawless execution, innovation, passion, and resilience. I believe that companies can strengthen and truly prosper if women are included in management roles and we have seen this the world over

Talhah Munir khan

CEO, Knowledge Platform, CEC Member, P@SHA

When we embrace and value different thoughts, ideas, experiences and identities, and the ways in which those differences add value to our practices spread across many countries, the entire firm and its people stand to benefit. At Abacus, fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce and encouraging different perspectives to take center stage keep our people engaged and motivated, and make us a much more meaningful and successful enterprise

Abbas Ali Khan

Partner, Abacus Consultancy, CEC Member, P@SHA

Inclusion is when every single person in the community is valued, heard, respected, empowered, and feels a true sense of belonging. It goes beyond tolerance to actually celebrating and elevating every person in the room

Zohaib Khan

CEO, A2Z Creatorz, CEC Member, P@SHA

Better Diversity and Inclusion at companies brings more creativity, collaboration and also increases the reputation of the company among clients. We should encourage participation from all ages, genders, and religions at our companies as this will promote a positive image of our industry and country.

Barkan Saeed

CEO, Vizteck Solutions, Ex-Chairman, P@SHA

Stewart has a culture that is harassment-free, inclusive and respectful. We are focused on promoting diversity. That starts from hiring, training and developing associates. We have several internal initiatives that build trust and understanding among associates. Some of those are Stewart Talx, Stewart Bethak, Teach and Learn and many more. These initiatives not only help associates to work on their personal and professional development but also fortifies the culture of mutual trust, patience, support and acceptance.

Amin Ansari

CEO, Stewart Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, Treasurer, P@SHA

Women are more productive and focused than men, hands down. Having said that, the tech sector is by far more women friendly, than any other sector - with an adequate leave policy and flexible work hours that make it an attractive environment for them to work in. Our first international project was delivered by a women only team where they travelled independently and created a name for Maison in the Middle East.

Sultan Hamdani

Partner, Maison Consulting, CEC Member, P@SHA

Respect for Individuals' rights to their beliefs and customs, family-friendly policies and benefits, sensitivity to differences in commute options available, and an emphasis on work-life balance are some of the ways that we can provide inclusive and conducive work environments in order to build and maintain our competitive edge.

Bilal Mehmood

MD, Contour Software

Inclusiveness in any society brings the best out of it. It's our duty to keep the participation of women in businesses equal to men and make conscious efforts to unleash the real potential of Pakistan. P@SHA stands for a progressive and innovative tech industry of Pakistan and there's no way to achieve true implementation of inclusion and diversity.

Shahzad Shahid

Chairman P@SHA, CEO, TPS WorldWide

10Pearls has the highest women representation in any tech company in Pakistan. We provide women-friendly facilities and policies so they can continue to work optimally during different phases of their life. We ensure zero gender pay-gap, equal chances of growth, travel & training and strongly believe that every organization must create an ecosystem that facilitates women in continuing their roles at workplace.

Zeeshan Aftab

CEO, 10Pearls

An organization's leadership can be judged by looking at the diversity of its workplace. The more diverse the workplace, the more dynamic the leadership, and the more successful the organization.

Syed Ali

CEO, 7Vals and SVC, P@SHA

The vision to accelerate progress in the world cannot be accomplished without creating a culture where diversity and inclusion is foundational. Globally our #ChangePays initiative highlights the impact of diversity and inclusion on companies and economies. In Pakistan, 23% of our 1400+ employees are women and they play an integral role in helping us power the markets of the future.

Mujeeb Zahur

MD, S&P Global and VC, P@SHA

Diversity and Inclusion is never embraced through paper policies. It is the positivity in actions of every individual towards another of a varying gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity, cultural and educational background etc. It's a pre-requisite for innovative culture.

Syed Ahmed

CEO, DPL and CEC Member, PASHA